First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva has addressed the people of Azerbaijan in connection with the military provocation committed by Armenia in the Tovuz direction of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border.

“Dear fellow compatriots!

Every citizen of our country is worrying about the events taking place in recent days. Yet another provocation of the invader was immediately rebuffed.

May Allah rest the souls of all our martyrs in peace. I pray to God for the speedy recovery of the wounded Azerbaijani soldiers. May God protect the life and health of every Azerbaijani fighter.

All of us are overwhelmed with emotions these days. A lot of emotions. One of the strongest emotions, along with grief and reverence for the blessed memory of the martyrs, is pride. Pride for the combat potential of the Azerbaijani army, for the mothers who raised their heroic sons. For the sense of patriotism of our citizens, for our youth and tens of thousands of volunteers who are ready to stand up for the defense of the Motherland at the first call. Pride for the thousands of Azerbaijanis who have expressed their unequivocal position outside our country, supported the state and the army.

This all-consuming feeling of unity, fortitude and readiness to do everything for the triumph of historical justice – the restoration of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan – is a powerful and effective means in our sacred struggle.

Many thanks to everyone who has proved to be a true citizen these days.

Dear brothers and sisters!

Against the background of a highly patriotic and spirited attitude, each of us today is required to maintain restraint, be vigilant and cool-headed. It should be remembered every hour that the confrontation in which we have been living for many years covers not only the line of direct hostilities but also the information field. In the era of social networks, the scale of information warfare and its impact on the course of events are becoming a very significant factor influencing the outcome of the confrontation.

Modern information platforms are used by hostile forces, ill-wishers and sometimes just envious and prejudiced circles in the most shameless way in order to spread “fakes”, knowingly circulate false and provocative material. The goal is to sow panic, create a split and an internal “front”, whip up decadent and defeatist sentiments.

A wide arsenal of tools is used – from fake profiles and single-use phone numbers to psychological methods of influencing the visual, auditory and emotional perception of users. In a word, the most unclean means are used to influence the most sensitive strings of the human soul. The forces supporting the occupying policy of Armenia pursue their own goals and act according to the principle – all means are good in a war.

I am very glad that the majority of Azerbaijani Internet users do not give in to provocations, expose lies and slander, know how to distinguish black from white and tell the whole truth about the origins of the conflict. After all, one of our main goals is to bring our voice with the demand for justice to the world community.

I would like to thank everyone who is active, truthful, those who defend the interests of our country in this field of activity in a reasoned manner and within the framework of the law and morality.

But there are other examples as well. What should be the extent of hatred for your own homeland to hide in third countries at a time when the Azerbaijani army is honorably opposing yet another provocation of the enemy, circulate lies about the “crushed” Azerbaijani positions and numerous civilian casualties, sow panic, fear and disappointment in the hearts of our fellow citizens? Or to try to use the wave of patriotic sentiments of Azerbaijani youth to create a split, chaos and excesses for the sake of petty, unrealizable political ambitions?

There is no and cannot be any justification for such actions and for such people. They do not and cannot have anything in common with the millions of Azerbaijanis who are ready to shed blood for their land. God is their judge, because besides public condemnation there is also God's judgment.

Dear friends!

It is impossible not to see you show mutual support, patience, solidarity, restraint and self-control on social media these days. Thank you for that! We all need to be extremely vigilant and not to succumb to provocations. Each time we publish a new post, photo or comment, let's remember that we live in a state of war and everything we broadcast in the information field can be used by the enemy. Remember that the duty of each of us is to protect the interests of Azerbaijan. And not only on the battlefield, but also in front of a computer monitor. Remember that today we are a nation, a people with a common goal. For we need victory. One for all of us. And he whose strength is underpinned by unity, reason and determination gets the upper hand.

I infinitely love my native Azerbaijan and my wise, brave and merciful people! Our cause is right and God is with us! May the Almighty protect Azerbaijan!

With love,


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