Letters of pupils about killed Azerbaijan toddler “ ZAHRA”

On July 4, at the result of targeted and deliberate attacking of civilians and civilian objects of the Alkhanli village of Fizuli region of Azerbaijan by armed forces of Armenia with 82 and 120 mm mortars and heavy grenade launchers Allahverdiyeva Sahiba (born in 1967) and her 2 years old granddaughter Guliyeva Zahra were killed. Another civilian Guliyeva Sarvinaz (born in 1965) was wounded and civilian objects sustained damages.

As a result of these provocations of armed forces of Armenia, killing of elderly woman and her 2 years old granddaughter and wounding of another civilian and damaging of civilian objects is nothing other than the act of vandalism and once again proves the terrorist nature of the state of Armenia.

Armenia’s direct and deliberate attacks against the Azerbaijani civilian population and civilian objects, constitute a serious violation of international humanitarian and human rights law, in particular the 1949 Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocol I thereto, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Hi, I live in Zobucug village of Fizuli district. My name is Alamdar. I study in 9 class at school number 39. Armenians are shooting very often. On 4th July 2 people were killed in Alixanli village of Fizuli district, and 1 person was seriously injured. We are afraid. We wish peace always. Let be peace Not war!.

Alamdar, 14 years old


My name is Rafiga. I study in 9th class. I live in Zobucuq village for refugees from occupied villages of Fuzuli. We hear sounds of shooting every day. We don’t want anybody’s death. Let Allah not to show us any children’s death. We want peace, not war. On 4th July the woman and her granddaughter were killed by Armenians. They were innocent. We know our soldiers protect us. We want live in our motherland!!!

Rafiga, 11 years old

I live in Zobucug village of Fuzuli district. I want peace in our homeland. I want back our occupied territory. The Armenians don’t let us live here peacefully. In Alixanli village of Fuzuli district 2 years old Zahra Guliyeva and her grandmother Sahiba Quliyeva. I wish peace. I want to be soldier when I grow up to protect my people.

Allahvardi, 11 years old

I don’t like to hear sounds of shooting. I am afraid while I am going to school because the Armenians shooting. Let not any people be killed. We want to return to our old motherland.

Konul , 12 years old

Hi, I don’t want war! The Armenians are shooting and we can’t go to school. We wish peace! The Armenians occupied our territory. Our soldiers will return our territory. The Armenians killed a child and her granny last day. Our soldiers will defend from them. I am proud of our soldiers, they protect us always.

Shahana, 10 years old

I live in Fuzuli district. I want Armenians to go away from our land. I wish peace. I want live and go to school in safe conditions. Let be peace always. I want to see Shusha, where I haven’t even been and travel all over Fuzuli.

Laman, 12 years old

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