H.E. Consul General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Dubai, Mr.Parviz Ismayilzada met with the Chief of the Operational Department of Dubai International Airports Security General Muhammad Ahmed bin Deylan Al Mazrui on January 23, 2017

At the meeting, Mr.P.Ismailzada   directed   interlocutor's   attention   to   the provision   of   simplified   visa   issuance   in   the   all   airports   with international status of Azerbaijan Republic since November 10,  2015   for   the   citizens   of   the   United  Arab  Emirates   in   order   to encourage tourist visits and business ties. Just since this date, Consul   General   specially   emphasized   substantial   increase   in the number of the UAE tourists to Azerbaijan.                                        

 M.Al Mazrui expressed his pleasure to welcome Consul   General   of   the   friendly   country   and   noted   that,   no dissatisfactions   and   complaints   received   by   the   operation  center related to the Azerbaijani citizens and they are trying to render high level services for the other tourists including Azerbaijani tourists. General said that, he is aware of mysterious and beautiful nature in the dynamically developing Azerbaijan. "Being land of stability and leader state of the region causes numerous trips of the UAE citizens to your country as tourists", M.Al Mazrui specially emphasized. M.Al Mazrui also noted that, Azerbaijan has already become one of the most favorable tourism places for the UAE citizens.

During the meeting Consul General mentioned that, the latest technical innovations are applied in the all international airports of Azerbaijan Republic and it is significant factor directly impacting to the service and   level   of   security   provided   for   the   passengers. P.Ismayilzada made proposals about exchange of ideas and experience related to the latest  technical   innovation  for the airport  security   services   in future for Azerbaijan and Dubai having continuous development.

In   its turn, chief   of   Operational   Department   of   the   Dubai International Airports Security noted that, they will be pleasured to corporate with Azerbaijan in the highest level related to the relevant field. Thus, M.Al Mazrui notified that, as the services indicators, including security is in the high level in the airports of Azerbaijan not leave a reason to doubt about successful cooperation between them. General   also mentioned that,   they   are   satisfied   with   high   level   services provided to the UAE citizens in the airports supplied with the latest technology and they leave Baku –city of modernity and ancient cultural values with pleasant memories.

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