H.E. Consul General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Dubai, Mr.Parviz Ismayilzada met the Director of the University of Sharjah Professor Hamid Al-Naimi on January 9, 2017.

At the outset Consul General exchanged views on bilateral cooperation perspectives and the ways of holding joint projects between the universities of Azerbaijan and the University of Sharjah and  expressed the importance of coordinating teacher-student exchanges, holding common conferences and organizing summer schools.                        
At the same time, Consul General emphasized that the feature of the formation of  multicultural   environment   and   supporting   its  development,   in UAE and Azerbaijani society, as well as in their universities is the common good cultural value of bothcountries.At the meeting Consul General Mr.Parviz Ismayilzada informed the side on Armenian-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and noted that UAE has recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.    
During the meeting Consul General presented to Professor H.Al-Naimi the book  “Ilham  Portrait of a President” by  Graeme  H.Wilson on the life and political activity of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Mr.Ilham Aliyev. Mr.P.Ismayılzada mentioned that the Consulate will donate 20 copies of the book to each of 11 libraries of Sharjah University. In its turn Director of the University Pr.H.Al-Naimi expressed deep gratitude to Consul General for books about Ilham Aliyev. H.Al-Naimi ;mentioned  that   the   students   who   applied   from   more   than   80 countries around the world benefited from 90 education programs  in the University   of   Sharjah   which   is   the   largest   university   in   UAE.  Professor   confirmed   the   need   for   close   cooperation   with   international educational organizations in order to increase quality of education, to strengthen internal capacity and to increase the level of professionalism of staff. H.Al-Naimi also mentioned that the University has the largest Medical Center consisting of two hospitals and medical research center.                   
Both sides emphasize the importance of joint cooperation in educational field. 

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